Charlie-The lucky dog!!

Hi again,


Except for unique breeds, I want to talk to you about a touching story between a dog and a friend of mine. Before 2 years, my friend Dimitris, found a defenseless puppy near Chalandri metro station. He came nearer to the puppy and he saw that the lower part of his foot was being cut. Immediately he took the little dog and they went to the veterinary in order to check if Charlie was alright. Luckily, puppy’s life was not in danger, but he didn’t have neither id nor a chip in order to find the owners..if he had ones!

Dimitris decided to take the dog in his place until he could find a proper home for the small, abused buddy. After a week, my friend announced me that he was planning to keep Charlie and he was willing to undertake the responsibly of him. As you can understand a pet like this needs special treatment not only to overcome the accident with his foot, but also to be happy again. Dimitris has spent a lot of money for Charlie’s treatment, but he never regret it. Instead, his life has changed and it becomes more playful and colorful because of that dog!!


After 2 years, Charlie is a friendly, blissful doggie full of life!!! He is such a clever dog and he always find a way to make you smile!! It’s hard to find people like Dimitris and dogs like Charlie today! I am so proud of them :-):-)!



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