A strong relationship!!

It’s me again!

In this blog I have talked about unique dog breeds, real stories about dogs and humans and other stuff..So, it’s time to talk about how strong and powerful can be a relationship between the owner and his/her pet! Powerful, touching and even heartbreaking!!

Memories that you cannot forget..I am sure you all have felt the  unconditional love that animals can give to you. Maybe sometimes they make you angry, when they chew your favorite pair of shoes, but sometimes they make you laugh so hard that it’s impossible to be mad. I remember when I lost my puppy (he was 14 years old, but still it was a puppy for me). It was so hard to accept the fact that I could not longer cuddle with him :-(.

It’s like an empty space! You come back from work and there is no one to jump over you! Staring at his photos make me understand that Hermis is irreplaceable. Yes, someday I will have another pet, but Hermis was my first one. We actually grew up together! How can I forget all the times I was running to stop him from chasing butterflies? Poor butterflies! Maybe I am too sensitive and overeacting..but who cares?

These creatures are always by your side and they know that no matter what you will always have a special place in your heart only for them!

So, don’t forget to show your love and definitely they will return in their truly devotion!!

Goodnight dog lovers 🙂


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