What an amazing story!!

Hello my friends,

I know that my blog is about rare dog breeds, but this story was so emotional and touching that  I wanted to share it with you. Actually, it is a situation that I couldn’t imagine it was possible to happen. I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that the training of K-9 dogs takes place in prisons most of the time.

So, the amazing thing is that the prison of Colorado has a special program in which prisoners are the ones who are engaged in the training of dogs. The reason why this is happening is to change not only detainee’ life, but also dogs life and behavior. As you can realize this program creates strong bonds between humans and animals. I personally believe that this interaction can be so beneficial especially for the prisoners since they feel that they are not stigmatized by society and a second chance is offered to them!

Whenever a dog is rescued and transferred to that prison, prisoner is the one who has the responsibility not only to train, but also to harbor that dog. When the time comes and the dog is healthy enough and well-trained, it is ready to be adopted by a family. Yes… I know that this doesn’t sound fair, but it’s also not fair for a dog to live in a prison!!

Esther, is a female beautiful doggie that unfortunately was abused in an animal shelter and she was transferred in Colorado prison in order to be healed. Both prisoner and dog knew that their lives would be separated after the training. However, their relationship was so strong and heartwarming that really made me cry 😦 😦

After all, if this is not an example of reformation, then what is? I have nothing more to say… Except for congratulations to those caring people who are trying day by day to help those innocent animals!


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