Hey Beautiful Catalburun!

Hello everyone,

I am presenting you the cute Catalburun dog:-)

Catalburun main

I know…The first thing you saw was his “weird” nose! No, it’s not a delusion, these dogs really exist! This breed has been living in Turkey since 1930. The name Çatalburun comes from the Turkish words “Catal” which means fork and “burun” which means nose. As you can understand this is a rare breed and it’s not so well-known outside Turkey.

They are also called  Pointer Turkish since they have all the familiar features that Pointer dogs are known for. Definitely, these unique, but attractive doggies are great hunting dogs. The solely uncommon characteristic we can notice is their nose, actually it is split into 2  parts and it looks like they have two noses.

I thought that first I had to research about the “origin” of this special feature in order to introduce this breed to you! Well, I have to admit that it was really difficult to find information about these dogs since they are very rare. I wanted to know how this peculiarity (split nose) came up..Were they born like this? Or is it an inbreeding (mix of 2 breeds)? Finally, I found that Turkish people made this linebreeding because they thought they would “create” a premium hunting dog..So, this trait is a mixed gene which offers to Catalburun this virtue.

catalburun 2

Owners of Catalburun dogs are saying that two noses are better than one and this feature offers to the breed a great hunting skill! I am not sure if that is accurate since there are no scientific evidence that prove this statement…But who knows?? This “charisma” gives to those creatures a special beauty!!

They are loyal and friendly, elements that make them  great companion for children! Furthermore, Catalburun dogs have been used for rescue operations. Who wouldn’t want such an admirable dog?

After all, dogs are humans’ best friend 🙂 🙂

Watch these beautiful babes!!


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