Our singer-New Guinea Singing Dog!!

Hello my friends,

Here is the Newnew guinea Guinea Singing Dog. A charming, but unique breed. They are discovered in the jungles of Asia in 1950 and they are called singers. They are extremely rare as a breed since we can find almost 200 of them. Not to mention that they are an endangered species and half of them are in captivity!! You can say that this breed looks like a fox due to their similar colors and fur. 

Why they are called singers? If these dogs are grouped together, they create a chorus howling. One dog starts and the others join afterward. They are perfectly synchronized and they create a melodious howl, so unique that you could say they seem like an orchestra. I am pretty sure you all know Mishka, the husky dog which sings (I really love that dog), so you can imagine how cute the howling from the New Guinea Singing Dog is. There are several dog breeds that have this feature, but hearing this howling from that dog is magical. 🙂

This is not a representative video, because it is really hard to find the exact sound New Guinea Singing Dogs do, but at least you can have an idea! I know it might sound like a wolf..sorry but this was the best version I could find!


But their melodious howling was not the characteristic that urged me to search further on them. Instead, it was their flexibility new guinea 2!!! Their body, specifically their spine and muscles are putted slightly different from domestic dogs. They have flexible body just like cats! New Guinea Singing dogs can turn their head almost 360 degrees. How amazing is that??  They can actually  climb on trees and jump like wild animals do. WOW!!

As you can understand these dogs cannot be considered as pets! They love nature..Forest is their home! They enjoy hunting and they can eat anything! So, this breed has to be free!

Now here comes the big question!! Can you be the owner of a New Guinea Singing Dog?? Definitely not!!!!! How can you capture this animal ??!! And not only this specific breed, but also other dogs that need particular place and climate to grow. These animals are born to run free, or hunt or do anything they want! It’s a shame to put them in a small apartment, just because we love them. Maybe you have a house with a huge garden..again it is not the same!! I am not saying that love and care is not enough for them, but have you ever thought how these dogs really feel?? They will get used to the warmth of our place, but they would prefer to be in the nature, climbing on rocks and singing their songs!! 🙂

new guinea singing                                 A scarce photo of New Guinea Singing Dog,while he or she is singing!


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