Bedlington Terrier-The lambdog!!

Hello again!  I introduce you the Bedlington Terrier.


Does it sound familiar to you?? I know…It looks like a lamb right???!!! The white, curly, fluffy fur makes you believe that it could be a lamb. However, it is a dog and actually a great breed. It took his name from a town in North East England and concerning his weight is a medium dog (7-10kg). The dominant colors are: black, sandy and liver (dark brown), but as they are growing up their fur becomes lighter (white or grey).

    What is special about that breed? First of all, they are great swimmers! Although Bedlington dogs are characterized as hunting ones, it is important to refer that these cute animals can easily compete with the Newfoundland dogs, which are considered to be admirable swimmers.

  lamb 3

Look that thing on the top of his or her head!! That is the second characteristic that I personally believe that makes them so unique and super charming. The fur of Bedlington dogs creates a shape on their head which is known as a topknot.  Isn’t that funny? It looks like human people, when they just wake up..(you know, messy hair).

   I had read an article about the grooming of that breed; unfortunately I can’t remember the name of that article since it was about a year ago, but I kept in my mind that professional grooming for Bedlington Terriers can even reach the amount of 200€.  I was like…WHAT?? Are you insane? After searching, I found out that the reason why the cost is quite expensive is due to their fur. They have a combination of soft and hard hair and that makes grooming really difficult, especially if  the owners want to maintain the specific shape of their fur.

  I am thinking even now, if people should spend all these amounts for their pets. Some people say no because they are just animals…And others say definitely yes; and in extreme cases they go beyond the average amounts. I am pretty sure you all have seen crazy women buying diamond necklaces for their precious doggies or silky towels. As if their dogs understand the difference. I mean, come on…the only thing that all these adorable creatures need is love and protection! Not because they are just animals, but because they are part of our family. So, yes spend money, but for their health, vaccination and definitely for their food 🙂

Okkk…that was a bit irrelevant with my topic, but it was something that I just really wanted to share with you!

Now, back to our discussion..lamb 2

I want to close my post about Bedlington dogs by saying that this breed that looks like a lamb, it is very emotional and great company for your little child and it will love to play the clown just to see you happy :-)!

A friendly advice! This breed can be really jealous with other dogs, because they love to pay  your attention only to them. So, avoid the unexpected meetings with strange doggies 😉


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