Hello Azawakh!


   This is the Azawakh dog!  Definitely it’s not a well-known breed!!!

Maybe you have not heard that name before. But you might know a similar breed, the greyhound dog. These dogs slightly differ on their weight and height, since Azawakh dogs are taller and thinner than greyhounds. One remarkable peculiarity that all Azawakh dogs have, is their feet that are always white…It seems like they wear little socks 🙂 🙂How cute is that??

Why do I believe this is a precious breed ? Because Nature has offered to those dogs a unique present! They can heal their wounds by themselves!!!!

Surprised? Well, I had the same reaction as you too. I am not sure I can explain how is this possible to happen, but one thought came into my mind! Certainly all these creatures, are perfectly made. Maybe some breeds are more beautiful than others, some are more cute then others…but all of them are special. Azawakh dogs do not have the typical beauty – people might say such as Beagle (cutest dogs ever) do, but still they have their singular beauty and charisma.

After all, Azawakh dogs are like human people. They are athletic, energetic and trustful..Emm, actually people are not always trustful (no offense), but these dogs are!!!!

Let’s enjoy them…


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