Me and You!!

    It took me some time to think what my first post would be. Should I start straight away telling you about different breeds? or from some funny videos….? So, I decided that I should begin from MY PET, Hermis. But I did not want just  to post some info about the SHAR-PEI dogs , instead I wanted to talk about his personality and how he “managed” to stole my heart.


   Hermis was (unfortunately he is no longer with us 😦 ) a beautiful beige, male shar-pei puppy! He had so many wrinkles that you could say it looked like a cozy blanket. Black eyes and a hilarious tail, which every time he was meeting someone it was moving left-right like crazy! Although he was a relatively big dog (23kg) and very strong, he was so quiet. He was not barking without  a reason and he hadn’t  done any damage, like chewing socks or shoes. What a surprise ha? Hermis was an excellent guard for our home and he was always in vigilance whenever he heard a weird sound.

   His weakness??? The food!! He could eat anything.. even vegetables, like onions or lettuce! I know that this is SO wrong for all the dogs, because they have to  eat their specific food, but what can I say? Whenever he was staring at me with those big, almost wet eyes like he was begging me, I couldn’t resist on him.I remember all those funny moments, when Hermis was trying to jump over me or my mom just to grab a small slice of ham!

    People used to ask me why I choose a shar-pei dog, instead of a Labrador or a Yorkshire. Because as a breed it was not so well-known back then, and some people believed that he had not the typical beauty that a small kid might wanted!  The first time that I saw a shar-pei dog was on a Garnier’s TV ad. It was a brown, sleepy, fluffy shar-pei puppy which was holding by a little girl. From that moment I fell in love with that breed!


Look at him!! How can you resist on him???

I strongly recommend this breed to all of you! Shar-peis are strong, independent dogs, but they are also so sensitive and protective! They can show their love, simply by looking at you!


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