An earthly heaven at Marousi!!

Hello guys,

I think that my previous posts were kind of sad and melanholic…So, I decided to talk to you about a cheerful place for your little friend!

I introduce you the Puppies Park. This park  is a new place for  your lovely pets, where they can play,  be trained, swimming and meet new friends. This place was created in order to satisfy the needs of our beloved animals. You don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety since there is always supervision from special trainers who can also give you useful advice for your pet! Continue reading

Charlie-The lucky dog!!

Hi again,


Except for unique breeds, I want to talk to you about a touching story between a dog and a friend of mine. Before 2 years, my friend Dimitris, found a defenseless puppy near Chalandri metro station. He came nearer to the puppy and he saw that the lower part of his foot was being cut. Immediately he took the little dog and they went to the veterinary in order to check if Charlie was alright. Luckily, puppy’s life was not in danger, but he didn’t have neither id nor a chip in order to find the owners..if he had ones! Continue reading

Adopt Wisely!!

Goodmorning dog lovers,

Please watch this!!!

I started directly with this video, because I don’t have to say anything more than  a picture is a thousand words!  Last night I saw again another abandoned, bleeding puppy, running lost in the streets. How someone can be so irresponsible and cruel?

Before you adopt…THINK!!

Do you have time, place and money to devote on this innocent little life? I f no, DON’T adopt it! Animals are not toys. You play with them and when get bored you throwing them away? Would you do that with your child? I don’t think so!!!

(I don’t have to upload photos..You all have seen these inhuman examples)

Hey Beautiful Catalburun!

Hello everyone,

I am presenting you the cute Catalburun dog:-)

Catalburun main

I know…The first thing you saw was his “weird” nose! No, it’s not a delusion, these dogs really exist! This breed has been living in Turkey since 1930. The name Çatalburun comes from the Turkish words “Catal” which means fork and “burun” which means nose. As you can understand this is a rare breed and it’s not so well-known outside Turkey.

Continue reading

Our singer-New Guinea Singing Dog!!

Hello my friends,

Here is the Newnew guinea Guinea Singing Dog. A charming, but unique breed. They are discovered in the jungles of Asia in 1950 and they are called singers. They are extremely rare as a breed since we can find almost 200 of them. Not to mention that they are an endangered species and half of them are in captivity!! You can say that this breed looks like a fox due to their similar colors and fur.  Continue reading

Bedlington Terrier-The lambdog!!

Hello again!  I introduce you the Bedlington Terrier.


Does it sound familiar to you?? I know…It looks like a lamb right???!!! The white, curly, fluffy fur makes you believe that it could be a lamb. However, it is a dog and actually a great breed. It took his name from a town in North East England and concerning his weight is a medium dog (7-10kg). The dominant colors are: black, sandy and liver (dark brown), but as they are growing up their fur becomes lighter (white or grey). Continue reading

Hello Azawakh!


   This is the Azawakh dog!  Definitely it’s not a well-known breed!!!

Maybe you have not heard that name before. But you might know a similar breed, the greyhound dog. These dogs slightly differ on their weight and height, since Azawakh dogs are taller and thinner than greyhounds. One remarkable peculiarity that all Azawakh dogs have, is their feet that are always white…It seems like they wear little socks 🙂 🙂How cute is that??

Why do I believe this is a precious breed ? Because Nature has offered to those dogs a unique present! They can heal their wounds by themselves!!!! Continue reading

Me and You!!

    It took me some time to think what my first post would be. Should I start straight away telling you about different breeds? or from some funny videos….? So, I decided that I should begin from MY PET, Hermis. But I did not want just  to post some info about the SHAR-PEI dogs , instead I wanted to talk about his personality and how he “managed” to stole my heart.


   Hermis was (unfortunately he is no longer with us 😦 ) a beautiful beige, male shar-pei puppy! He had so many wrinkles that you could say it looked like a cozy blanket. Black eyes and a hilarious tail, which every time he was meeting someone it was moving left-right like crazy! Although he was a relatively big dog (23kg) and very strong, he was so quiet. Continue reading